Diner Might
Diner Might
Episode 1


Very easy

Number of Friendly Worms:


Number of Enemy Worms:




Enemy Team(s:



20, 40 (Bonus time)

Bonus time:

2 minutes

"Okay class, assignment number one. The enemy are about to open their newly constructed worm eatery, a place they intend to use to feed their armies. Let's put a stop te their plan and see how the enemy march on an empty stomach shall we?"


Step 1: Walk into the building, and the shotgun to destroy the TNT next to Sparkie. With your second shot, shoot the TNT next to Brickie. Step 2: Using worm select, switch back to the worm that is already in the building. Once this is done, use the shotgun again to destroy the TNT next to Plumbie, then with the second shot, the TNT next to Chippie. To get to Chippie, climb up the little plank of wood that leads up to him. If you did all this in less than 2 minutes, you will get 40 coins.


G: -The "Eat Me" diner...

-2 days until opening

E: -"Who's in the kitchen?"


-"I'm testing the lightning!"

-"Let me know if the light comes on in there."

-"Wiii do!"

-"Right here goes."



-"Nope. Can't see a thing."

-"Hang on, i've got a match..."

-"I'll see what the problem is."

-"What's this?" Preview

-"Hey, who ordered the TNT fuse?"

-"Ooh that's nice, the fuse sparkles whem it's it!"

-"TNT fuse?"


-"There's some TNT in here too..."

-"Aww. Nuts!"

P: -"TNT eh?"

-"We should use this our advantage!"

-"Destroy the TNT..."

-"Then the diner and the worms should go wich it!"

-"Come on, let's wreck this joint!"

Teams in gameEdit

Your Team

'Builders': Sparkie, Brickle, Plumbie, Chippie