Worms 4: Mayhem is a much more detailed story mode, as in previous games. Instead of just a few minor quests completed background narrated introductory cut scenes show the correct information about the background of the mission. The story actually begins with a consultation in which the player's own team of worms coming Worminkle University. There he met Professor Worminkle (who resembles Albert Einstein and Doc Brown), who trains the players and teaching methods are different weapons. The Story mode, Worminkle sends the players to destroy enemy buildings and sneak into the building. After the fifth mission, the player and Worminkle travel back in time to the Middle Ages using the Professor's time machine. The time machine got damaged, and they were then attacked by wizards and knights. After fixing the time machine, the mission is the Wild West. The time machine runs on pure gold, which they need more if they want to get ahead. They must also fight against the formidable Boggy the Kid. After getting the gold, the player's quest remains of ancient Arabia, which is currently occupied by Ali Baboon and the pesky thieves. Ali Baboon stole the Queen's jewels, and the player's task is to stop him. After completion of the mission Arabia Worminkle to fix some of his time machine, but accidentally drops a letter that read the player's team of worms. He said in the letter that the government is planning a new research laboratory at the University of Worminkle instead. Worminkle quickly takes the letter back and continues the journey of the player. Once they stop at the pre-historic times Worminkle then tells the player that he only used the player to stop the government's plans. He then leaves, but fortunately, crashes into a mountain, which is enough time for the player to catch the professor. After struggles with Caveworms, the player gets to the professor, and the time machine. The player flies away, leaving Professor Worminkle to the history.